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November 1, 2011

  Life is always at some turning point.

…and we often hesitate on the corner, looking for a sign to tell us what to do…

Don’t ask for directions. You already know the way. Don’t look for signs. You already see it.


We create those turning point.

We assume a new life, a better day around the corner…

We already know what we are going to do when we recognize it.


Just turn! It’s been waiting for you…

That’s always the right to do.





October 3, 2011

  I think that TRAVEL comes from some deep urge to see the world,

  and it is there in all of us;

  it’s a natural motivation of discovering places, cultures, people…

  …and we must listen to this voice inside and travel.

  …and not to see only but feel, taste, smell, touch those places.

  …and then remember. Remember the smell of the wind on the beach.

in the now

September 6, 2011

the now is the most important.

the minute. this second.


one day every moment will be a memory.

the now will become past in the future.

nothing is worth more than this day, this moment…


the now.


March 2, 2011

life is like riding a bicycle

to keep your balance

you must keep moving


it’s been a year today.

i landed. i dreamed.

i arrived and saw the sunset.

it’s been a year now

and the sun goes down.

…the same way


December 9, 2010


what this word means?

it means smiles, fresh air, autumn colors, tastes …emotions to me.

it means a journey.

it means a touch.

it means friends.

beauty is nothing itself.

emotions fill this simple word up with meaning/s.

‘beauty’ is a feeling.

painted love

November 28, 2010

boxed in life and painted old walls.

kitchen cupboard tells stories and bathroom echos history.


moving out from a period of life. moving to the ‘present’

only the memories last. memories of the beginning…


November 2, 2010

Look for something,

find something else,

and realize that what

you’ve found is more

suited to your needs

than what you thought

you were looking for.




my Fantasy Team/KW/`10